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Sold on Claremore

"Now my home is Claremore, OK...the home of the best curative waters in the world [referring to the radium water baths of the day] and, by the way, one of the best towns in the world to live in if any of you are thinking about making a change."

- Will Rogers, 1924

Will Rogers said it best in 1924. Come see! You, too, will be sold on Claremore!

Rogers County Home Builder’s Association and Northeast Oklahoma Real Estate confirm that the growth level experienced in Claremore and Rogers county remains strong.

The regional housing market continues to see home values increasing, while inventory decreases and with less actual days on the market. Sales and new construction continues to increase in Rogers County. Exciting future commercial developments and current projects are in various stages of completion.

Claremore enjoys a hometown feel and a rural environment with city amenities. There are a wide variety of properties available, many on at least one acre. Families can enjoy a lake, riding horses, all terrain vehicles, hunting, biking, ranching or just relaxing!

Rogers County residents experience lower tax rates and competitive land and home pricing than some surrounding counties whether you are a first time homeowner, a luxury homebuyer, needing more space, or choosing the convenience of apartment duplex or condo living.