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Claremore, OK 74017
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Welcome to Claremore, Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s favorite son Will Rogers said, “I think the time will come when everybody will be made to stop off at Claremore on their way to any place they may be going.”

The members of Claremore Chamber of Commerce welcome you to make that all important stop.  The invitation is always open!

Will Rogers was always on target with his observations. If he were alive today we are sure he would remind us that “Folks make towns, not numbers.” It is the people, the citizens of Claremore, their hospitality, community pride, and dedication to the past and future that will always make “Claremore” a great place!!!

We think Will would continue to agree that Claremore folks and numbers remain impressive. Over the past decade Claremore has continued to experience growth rates that exceed state averages. Claremore and Rogers County both hold the distinction of being among the fastest growing areas in the state. The geographic location of Claremore and the easy accessibility from major highways, turnpikes, airports, rail systems and the proximity to the McClellar-Kerr Arkansas River Navigational System allows Claremore to be the gateway to beautiful northeast Oklahoma and beyond!

Residents enjoy raising their families and working in the hometown atmosphere where the superior quality of life is reflected in our outstanding education, health care, recreation, shopping, civic organizations and in our area churches.

Our business and industry community is second to none. We are known for our diverse, skilled and highly motivated workforce. Claremore area has business owners who are committed to quality service and business professionals who are the best in their respective areas.

Claremore is a destination. In one weekend you can visit museums, attend annual festivals, celebrations, visit antique shops, take in an event at the city’s Expo Center, enjoy area lakes, walk or bike the trails or just enjoy a care-free day at the park.

Entertainers, playwrights, actors, athletes, politicians, business men and women known world wide and even an astronaut are Claremore and Rogers County connected. Those include: Will Rogers, Lynn Riggs, Patti Page, J.M. Davis, Stuart Roosa, Blue Starr, Andy Payne, Helen Walton, Clem McSpadden, Clem Rogers, W.R. Howell,  Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood to name a few.

The area enjoys a mild climate, with an early spring, a warm fall, and a mild winter. The average annual temperature is 57 degrees, with seasonal averages of 34 degrees in winter, 62 degrees in the spring, 81+degrees in the summer and 64 degrees in the fall. The average rainfall is 25 inches, and the average annual snowfall is nine inches.

Claremore really is a wonderful place to work, live and play.  If that sounds like we are bragging, just remember the truth is not bragging…. It’s just the facts!

Claremore Oklahoma…. A place for New Vision and Clear Opportunities.
We Welcome You!



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